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Poobah - U.S. Rock (Limited Edition Splatter Edition)

Image of Poobah - U.S. Rock (Limited Edition Splatter Edition)

Limited edition blue splatter vinyl package includes the fully remastered LP with an 11 x 17 poster and download card, and also the CD version of the release, which features 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks! Blue splatter edition is a limited press run of 100 units.

U.S. Rock is the second release from the mighty Poobah (originally released in 1976) and the also the second to be re-issued by Ripple Music. The album features ten tracks in the original running order, remastered by T. Dallas Reed at HeavyHead Studios. This is the first time that this album has seen the light of day in almost forty years and the CD edition features four bonus tracks, including a blistering live rendition of “Steamroller”. Jim Gustafson, the Grand Poobah himself, delivers a resounding set of six string heroics that should have seen him sitting alongside the greats of the time, and shows why he is the Wizard of Heavy Psyche!

"…a mixture of early spine-rattling metal, groove-heavy boogie rock and healthy doses of fuzz splattered psych-rock.” - Heavy Metal Time Machine

"A blowout of English-power-trio and Rust Belt blues, with guitarist Jim Gustafson riffing in a thick-fuzz lather that will remind you, fondly, of Grand Funk Railroad’s Max Farner and the British ace Tony McPhee of the Groundhogs.” -- David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine

Track List:

1. Flesh Fantasies
2. Pullin' Me Down
3. Watch Me
4. Coast To Coast
5. Let's Rock
6. Thru These Eyes
7. Crazy
8. Keep On Rollin'
9. Right Out Of The Night
10. Out Of You

Bonus tracks on CD:

1. Your Way, My Way
2. Cold Blooded Lover
3. Enjoy What You Have (Alternate Mix)
4. Steamroller (Live)

"This is a must-have album for distortion rock freaks. If you don't yet know the name POOBAH, then consider it a gimme password and let yourself in." -- Blabbermouth

**Even though these records are pristine. please be aware we DO NOT issue refunds or replacements for minor cosmetic damage, such as corner dings, bends, split inserts, split covers, and so on. We pack our vinyl very securely and carefully but in some cases this type of wear is simply unavoidable in shipping. We can not be held accountable for how the Post Office handles your items. Purchasing this items implies acceptance of this policy. Orders usually ship within 10-14 days**