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Poobah - Let Me In w/ Bonus Tracks 12" 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

Image of Poobah - Let Me In w/ Bonus Tracks 12" 2xLP (Black Vinyl)

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Re-issue of Poobah's classic 1972 proto-metal epic. includes 12 unreleased tracks on a bonus LP and tons of never before seen photos!

"A Goldmine Pick! The reissue of “Let Me In” is one of my picks of the year!" -- Goldmine Magazine

"Poobah displays imagination and freewheeling spirit. Revel in the prehistoric metal of "Mr. Destroyer" and "Walk the Bug", the psychedelic madness of "Bowleen" and "I’m Crazy, You’re Crazy", the gorgeous folk rock of "Enjoy What You Have," the blazing riff-rock of "Smoke" and the proto-punk of" Live to Work". Leader Jim Gustafson has both an acid twinkle in his eye and a bomb in his hip pocket, and he’s just as apt to come on like a mischievous, electrified fairy as he is a grunged-out grizzly bear. On the basis of Let Me In, Poobah is more than just a shaggy curiosity from the Me Decade – it’s a band worth discovering for fans not satisfied with endless Grand Funk retreads on classic rock radio." -- Sleazegrinder

"Of all of the latter day reissues of seventies Psych Rock rarities, the Ripple Music version of the 1972 POOHAB album LET ME IN may well be the most important yet. The fuzz rock of the opening track MR DESTROYER reminded me a lot of BUDGIE and features some moster riffing and Psyched out lead breaks. Other gems include BOWLEEN and LET ME IN, with a true taste of proto-metal genius and some jam band influenced heavy blues craziness. If you are a follower of proto-metal or any sort of seventies psychedelic rock it’s not a matter of whether to buy this or not, the simple answer to that is YES." -- My Global Mind

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