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Mothership - II CD

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Here it is, the long-awaited follow up to their best-selling debut, Mothership II. Kyle, Kelly and Judge have raised the stakes, churning out another burning album of molten 70's rock, metal and stoner heaviness, sure to please all the fans of the first album and welcome even more passengers aboard the Ship.

Has two bonus songs not on LP version!!

" I was expecting something good from Mothership but not an album as good as this. This is gonna further enhance Mothership's reputation as one of the best hard rock bands currently out there and one to keep an eye on in 2015. II is an album as this album has it all. A stunning album that may end up on a few best of album lists. That's how seriously that great it is. Whatever you do, buy this when it comes out." -- The Sludgelord

"From the very first track – the beautifully spaced-out and fully instrumental “Celestial Prophet” – I had a feeling that I was being taken on a mind-tripping, mind-ripping ride into an alternate universe. Turns out I was right. And that dark, shimmery track is the perfect way to get into “supersonic intergalactic heavy rock trio” Mothership’s second release II. There’s nothing more to say, except that this album is stunning. It’s definitely one of my favourite musical trips of 2014." -- Real Rock and Roll

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