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Grifter - The Return of the Bearded Brethren Vinyl LP

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The big, bad biker boogie rock of Grifter returns with the long awaited follow up to their 2011 self-titled debut! The Return Of The Bearded Brethren shows the British trio carrying on in their bluesy 70's inspired way, unveiling greater dimensions to their whiskey soaked barroom rock stylings and showing off a bit more of the musical muscle that made their debut a hit album. The bands sophomore release also reunites the trio with producer Rich Robinson, who captured their sleaze rock essence on the bands debut album. Mastered by T Dallas Reed for HeavyHead.

"Aided by superior production courtesy of long time friend and producer Rich Robinson, The Return Of The Bearded Brethren is a fantastic record that tops any of the bands previous output with ease. All of the songs on Grifter’s sophomore album have been crafted to make you sing yourself hoarse, to dance like a loon and to smile your fucking ass off whilst listening to it. The bottom line is that Rock n Roll is about catharsis and whether you are a tattooed biker or a suit and tie wearing office worker and this music is every bit a joyous celebration of young blood, old veins without any self conscious pandering to trends, it is just what it is and that is a great record.

Buy the album, see the show, they’ll never let you go. And you won’t want them to." -- Sleeping Shaman

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