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Galactic Cross - S/T Vinyl LP

Image of Galactic Cross - S/T Vinyl LP

Galactic Cross are a new power trio formed in the cradle of Maryland heavy by bassist/vocalist Dave Sherman of Earthride and Spirit Caravan and Weed is Weed with Brian Virts on guitar and drummer Tony Saunders (Minds Eye, ex-Internal Void)

Galactic Cross’s debut will best satisfy listeners who are craving for another Earthride or Weed is Weed album, but it is an enjoyable slice of Maryland doom in itself. There’s some great song variety presented in this well-worn style, and you can tell the band members are having a lot of fun with it. There’s room for further development, but when comfort is this well-executed, anything else is just a bonus.

Each song takes you for a ride, and breaks away from the normal cookie-cutter mold.

The music re-invents Doom / Stoner Rock as we know it, and takes you on a heavy, but comfortable trip.

It’s proof of what can be done when lifelong friends find a way to reconnect with the same common goal.

Galactic Cross are:
Dave Sherman – Bass/Vocals
Brian Virts – Guitar
Tony Saunders – Drums