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Fire Down Below - Hymn of the Cosmic Man "Black Depths of Space" Edition Vinyl LP

Image of Fire Down Below - Hymn of the Cosmic Man "Black Depths of Space" Edition Vinyl LP

****Preorder. Album release second week of June****

At last, the long-awaited follow-up to Fire Down Below's debut album is here, and it's stunning. 7 songs of cosmic grandeur as FDB takes the listener on another epic journey of space/stoner/grunge magnificence.

1.Red Giant 02:10
2.Ignition/Space Cruiser 07:47
3.Saviour of Man 03:08
4.The Cosmic Pilgrim 09:16
5.Nebula 02:34
6.Ascension 07:46
7.Adrift in a Sea of Stars 11:08

"Viper Vixen Goddess Saint was such an amazing debut album back in 2016. The four Belgian freaks from Fire Down Below stunned the underground and grabbed every one of us by the balls, look us square in the eye and grinned with crazy teeth at us. We understood immediately, this is the real deal. Well, the four from Ghent are back! And now with a more space-age-oriented record called Hymn of The Cosmic Man. And man, I had never known that space could be this hot and steamy! This is embarking on an adventure across a desert on a different planet in a far away galaxy. More expansive than the first one, it still holds all those key elements we loved so much from their first one. That stoner trucking, that speedy delivery of riffs and the slow building pummeling of the drummer. Perhaps the biggest difference is the feel of the entire record, this feels like one gigantic beast, an adventure that needs to be explored on a whole. While their debut felt like a kick ass collection of amazing tracks. Slowly, the album takes you along on the quest through that foreign wasteland becoming atmospheric one moment, oppressive the next and gritty and wild the following. Hymn Of The Cosmic Man has everything you need to get you through the day! The week! The month! The year! One hell of a follow-up!" -Stoner Hive

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