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Cactus Flowers - Incantations 12" and Solce 10" Vinyl

Image of Cactus Flowers - Incantations 12" and Solce 10" Vinyl

Formed in 2014 by guitarist/songwriter Jessica Murillo; drummer Mark Carcamo and bassist Chris Dunaway, there’s no question that Cactus Flowers’s star has been in the ascension for quite some time.

Since the release of their beguiling debut album Incantations in 2019, the Houstonians have continued to conjure, inspire and craft an irresistible identity around lush cadences, pedal soaked riffs, and Murillo’s impassioned vocals.

This March, the trio returns to the fold with their stunning new four-song EP, Solace. Recorded during a period of global impasse brought about by the COVID pandemic, and after shelving plans for a Spring 2020 tour, the band holed up with producer John Griffin (Wild Moccasins, The Ton Tons, Television Personalities) to capture a heavier, more compound style of psych, lyrical gallantry, and hard rock strut.

Mastered by Heba Kadry (Battles, Blonde Redhead, Slowdive), featuring striking artwork by Jaime Zuverza (Sugar Candy Mountain, Golden Dawn Arkestra) and with Baby Birds/Funeral Horse’s Paul Chavez taking over from Dunaway on live duties, Solace is an incredibly impressive chapter in the band’s ongoing voyage.