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Vokonis - The Sunken Djinn 7" Limited Splatter Edition

Image of Vokonis - The Sunken Djinn 7"  Limited Splatter Edition
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Swedish doomsayers Vokonis are at it again, with the first song off their new album The Sunken Djinn.

The eponymous song, features powerful guitar and vocals, weaving melodies between the rhythm section’s thundering bass/drum combo. The Sunken Djinn is the follow up to 2016’s Olde One Ascending.

Side A. The Sunken Djinn
Side B. Olde One (Live)

released May 6, 2017

Recorded at Studio Underjord.
Produced and mixed by Joona Hassinen.

The Sunken Djinn mastered by Esben Willems.
Olde One (Live at Studio Underjord) mastered by Joona Hassinen.

Art and layout by Kyrre Bjurling.

Published by Ripple Music.

Guitars and lead vocals - Simon
Bass and backing vocals - Jonte
Drums and percussion - Emil

This album marks a huge leap forward in sound and scope for the band. Still loosely rooted in traditional stoner rock with enough lumbering fuzz riffs and monolithic grooves to keep you in a permanent fug of mystification, this time around the entire Vokonis approach is tempered by an even darker psychedelic perspective." -- Metal Underground

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