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The Watchers - Black Abyss Limited Edition "Infinite Void" Multicolored Vinyl LP

Image of The Watchers - Black Abyss Limited Edition "Infinite Void" Multicolored Vinyl LP
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Only 100 pressed of this gorgeous limited edition of The Watchers "Black Abyss" The "Infinite Void" Edition features Gold vinyl inside White with lots and lots of Black and Oxblood P8 splatter!

The dynamic follow-up to their best-selling debut EP for Ripple Music, Black Abyss finds the band tighter and meaner (and more expansive) than ever before. Featuring the masterful mixing of Metal Legend Max Norman (Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, and more) behind the knobs, Black Abyss is a return to the classic metal riffing of yore, soaked in fuzz and dragged head first into the 21st Century.

Gathering together an impressive cast of seasoned players with vocalist Tim Narducci and bassist Cornbread (SpiralArms, White Witch Canyon), Orchid drummer Carter Kennedy and guitarist Jeremy Von Eppic (BlackGates, The Venting Machine) The Watchers is an out-and-out super group of musicians’ musicians and a fitting addition to Ripple Music’s ever growing roster.

One of the most promising rock outfits with a modern twist, if you like SpiralArms and Orchid You will love The Watchers”.
RockHard Germany

“The Watchers act as the bridge between nostalgic metal, the underground scene and rock radio, that so desperately needs a hero.”
That Classic Metal Show

“Old school metal, the 70s meet the 21st century with fury and doom, crank it up while you are traveling on the “Sabbath Highway’!!!”
Trendkill Radio

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