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Stone Axe - Stone Axe I (LP)

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Originally released in 2009, Stone Axe lit the message boards on fire with it's ballsy, retro, bluesy sound, bringing back the classic sound of rock that so many were craving. Now set to be gloriously re-unleashed, the vinyl edition of the album includes an extended jam of one of the original tunes and a full lyric sheet.

""If you missed out on 2009's self titled release from Stone Axe then you missed out on of truly one of the best fantastic classic hard rock albums released in recent years. This is one of those albums that just gets better each time you play it. This time around in addition to the original studio album we get a pile of live tracks added onto the CD. If you like what you hear on the studio recordings then you are really in for a treat because the band sounds even more at ease on stage. So did this album deserve a collector's edition? After listening and watching both discs my answer is a definite yes. This a fantastic set and even if you have the original disc it's still worth getting because all the extras will make you appreciate this band even more." -- Heavy Metal Time Machine

"Ripple Music unleash a reissue that was on the top of my top albums for 2009. You will not be disappointed. The real treat here is the original studio album, 8 bonus live tracks and a DVD with videos, live material and interviews. If you've heard the original release, you know how good the songs are. That's a lot of (welcomed) Stone Axe music. For those who have yet to listen to Stone Axe, this is a great starting point. Imagine old classic rock bands like Thin Lizzy, Free, Molly Hatchet, and Bad Company (among many more). The included DVD is a real gem. A lot of the material has been found on YouTube in ok quality before but now it's available is high quality video for the first time. I've been a fan of Stone Axe since the first time I heard their music on Myspace many moons ago. I own 4 versions of this album (2 CD, 2 LP). This is the best version yet." -- The Soda Shop"

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