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Stone Axe - Captured Live at Roadburn TEST PRESS LP

Image of Stone Axe - Captured Live at Roadburn TEST PRESS LP

ONLY 1 available - -original test press

From the blistering show openers to the exuberant “Diamonds & Fools” to the high-spirited “We Know It’s Still Rock ‘N’ Roll”, the quasi-psychedelic space narrative of “Skylah Rae”, and the inebriated “Just A Little Bit”, Captured Live! Roadburn Festival 2011 is a time capsule of the bands legendary performance in front of a packed house of passionate and vocal fans during the 2011 edition of the Roadburn Festival. This performance marks the final date of the 2011 Stone Axe European Tour and shows the band doing what they do best . . . bringing highly energetic rock n’ roll into the live arena for an incendiary event! The band’s mindset, at this point, is summed up best when they state, ‘Outta tune – outta time – a long way from home & outta our minds’, and this album certainly captures that sentiment!

Side 1:
On With The Show
Return of the Worm
Chasing Dragons
Diamonds & Fools
There'd Be Days

Side 2:
Old Soul
We Know It's Still Rock 'N' Roll
Skylah Rae
Just A Little Bit

"Kicking off with a veritable winning opener of Stonin from their sophomore album you just sense that this was a band made for the festival as it gives way to the stomping On With The Show. From here on in the Port Orchard crew drip with retro cool. Make no mistake though this is no hipster cool pretension, this is the real deal.

On record the band live and breathe the embodiment of everything that was cool about 70’s music, on the stage they take the effortless swagger to a different level as both they and the audience revel in the atmosphere of being at one of the best showcases for underground music around. There’d Be Days oozes Thin Lizzy with an updated twist which allows Dru Brinkerhoff to conduct the whole shebang with the pose and expertise of a circus ringmaster." -- Sleeping Shaman

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