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Doctor Doom - This Seed We Have Sown CD

Image of Doctor Doom - This Seed We Have Sown CD

Absolutely perfect, haunting psychedelic doom from France.

Inspired by the recent wave of Scandinavian stoner/rock bands such as Graveyard, Witchcraft and Spiders, throughout 2013 and 2014 DoctoR DooM took part in a series of high profile festival appearances including Spain’s Riff Ritual Fest, Doom Over Karalis in Sardinia and Germany’s much-celebrated DesertFest before taking to the studio at the end of last year to record their very first LP.

“With a devilish affection, the band conjures up a foggy brew of wicked blues and righteous stoner rock.” --Heavy Planet

“DoctoR DooM does everything you could possibly ask of them to introduce themselves as major new players in the heavy rock underground.” --The Ripple Effect

"The first thing that hits you about " This Seed We Have Sown" is the vocals, laid back and darkly melodic with a cool late 60's vibe. It is these vocals, solo and harmonised, combined with the high level of musicianship shown throughout, that sets this album apart from others of its ilk.
Musically the band beg, borrow and steal from every genre and era, blending jazzy chord progressions to bluesy licks and psychedelic noodlings , and peppering it all with some stoner fuzz and occult/retro rock grooviness. This is not one of those albums that gets in your face and demands your attention, no this is subtle in its approach, growing on you track by track until finally your powerless to resist its sonic charms. and are forced to press that re-play button for another hit" -- Stoner King

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