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Devil To Pay - Fate Is Your Muse (CD)

Image of Devil To Pay - Fate Is Your Muse (CD)

Devil To Pay's fourth full-length album, Fate Is Your Muse, is an introspective lyrical journey that careens from the metaphysical, to the absurd, to the pragmatic (and back again), all set to bone crushing heaviness wrapped in elaborate vocal melodies and elegant guitar phrases. Exploring topics such as reincarnation, the end of days, and the thin veil between reality and fantasy, the Indianapolis foursome create a rare musical experience; one that will have heavy rock fans returning for the primal emotional riffs, as well as the complex and heady lyrical content.

Track Listing:

1. Prepare To Die
2. Wearin' You Down
3. Ten Lizardmen & One Pocketknife
4. Yes Master
5. Already Dead
6. This Train Won't Stop
7. Savonarola
8. Black Black Heart
9. The Naked Truth
10. Mass Psychosis
11. Tie One On
12. Beyond The Ether

"Returning with their fourth album Fate Is Your Muse, Indianapolis rockers Devil To Pay continue to feed the hunger for rich powerful and impacting rock n roll. Combining the richest essences of heavy intensive rock with fires of stoner and sludge flaming intensely within, the album is an irresistible feast of perfectly sculpted sounds muscular and evocative. It offers what you expect from the band and the genres they seed their creativity within but delivers it with an enterprise and near hypnotic embrace which can either squeeze the breath from the lungs or mesmerize out a submission to its inventive lures, often combining both in a singular blaze of sinewy seductive persuasion." -- The Ringmaster

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