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Devil to Pay - A Bend Through Space and Time CD

Image of Devil to Pay - A Bend Through Space and Time CD

The mind-bending new album from Ripple stalwarts, Devil to Pay. The epitome of their groove laden, riff mad heavy rock, with psychedelic and supernatural overtones.

"It's easy to fall in love with A Bend Through Space And Time. For every crazy spaced out guitar solo, there is a track like Your Inner Lemmy. For every drawn out vocal howl there is a wild and crazy guitar riff to balance it out. This is an album that finds the spirit of heavy metal magic and shows the same furious passion that set all of our hearts on fire back when we were young and reckless. Devil To Pay get what we want out of a rock and roll level and they make sure to deliver on every possible level." -- Two Guys Metal Reviews

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