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Mighty High - Legalize Tre Bags (CD)

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Legalize Tre Bags is the second full-length album from Brooklyn-based hard rockers, Mighty High, and is a gritty journey through the 5 boroughs of New York City. 11 kick ass songs bashed out in 34 minutes and containing over 30 references to getting high, including the raucous classic, “I Don’t Wanna Listen To Yes” and the mind altering rock experiences of “Chemical Warpigs” and “High on the Cross”. Featuring the out-of-this-world artwork of Wayne “Braino” Bjerke and mastered by T. Dallas Reed

"There’s only one Mighty High. Legalize Tre Bags is a lot of fun to listen to, and particularly with the lighthearted nature of the band and their lyrics, it would be easy to write it off as a throwaway, but it would be a mistake, because no one else out there in the heavy underground gives the spirited interpretation they do of classic punk, honing in on musical ideas without limiting them to genre while also toying directly with a host of tropes, and not just doing what’s expected of them, but effectively drawing a caricature of the idea that that expectation exists in the first place. Its attention to detail in that regard is almost maddening, right down to the note on the inside of the vinyl gatefold for where you should de-seed your weed. Like all their work, Legalize Tre Bags is a litmus test for your ability to have a good time, and for the sheer sonic improvement it is over …In Drug City (Jason LaFarge recorded in New York, Tony Reed mastered), it’s that much more able to get its message across. That message? “Yes sucks. Fuck you.”

Well played, gentlemen." -- The Obelisk

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(Mos Generator/Stone Axe).