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  • Image of Bonehawk - Albino Rhino CD
  • Image of Bonehawk - Albino Rhino CD

Bonehawk - Albino Rhino CD


Jewel case with 6 page lyric booklet!!

An amazing album of fierce rocking riffs, harmony guitars, and hook-filled songs. Sold out two pressings of vinyl in mere months! Here's the official CD version

We ship with the best materials we can find. We are not responsible for any damaged product once it leaves our hands.

The album has a perfect balance with riff after riff and groove after groove. You want melody? BoneHawk bring it! You want groove? The Rhino busts a move! Do you love whipping your hair around in maniacal circles in the middle of the bar room floor? Crank it up! You crave bluesy metallic solos? You're gonna melt away from the scorching temperatures of the dual guitar onslaught of epic fuzzaliciousness." -- The Ripple Effect

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